Pujas & Prayers

Tara Puja

July 10th

5:30 pm

This July we will be offering an opportunity to celebrate the female energy embodied in Tara The Liberator  – she who grants all success,  to request success in all our endeavours, especially our spiritual ones.


Puja means “offering” in Sanskrit.

We’re all very familiar with traditional ways of welcoming someone we value highly into our homes. We’d clean and make our home very beautiful. We’d prepare delicious food and drinks and attend to everything we could think of to offer them and bring them pleasure.

“It’s the same in a puja. We’re saying welcome, we’re so happy you’ve come. Please would you like something to eat and drink – we’ve prepared this for you. Then we’d settle in for a chat. We tell our guests we’ve been struggling with a few things (our afflictive emotions) and that sometimes we haven’t been so skillful – we’ve harmed ourselves or others and we wish we’d done things differently.

Then we happily tell our guests about the times we were able to be kind and loving, and we say we’d like to be able to do it more often. Then we tell them we’re still struggling so it would help us if the buddhas could stay and show us how to develop love, compassion and all the qualities we need to be of real use to other beings.”

Join us as we share this beautiful prayer offering to Tara and ask for success in all that we endeavour to achieve in our lives and our spiritual practice.



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