2020 Memberships are now due!

Contact us using the form below to renew and show your support for Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre.

Your centre is a nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of our students and benefactors to continue to offer our programs.

The Buddha and his monks and nuns traveled all over India 2500 years ago offering to teach anyone who requested, without charge. These teachings have the potential to completely change our lives. Their purpose is to end all suffering for all beings for all time. how do we put a dollar amount on the value of that? 

The teachings of the Buddha are priceless, but they are not costless. We live in the mundane world of rent, electricity bills, publicity and postage costs and the other expenses of keeping this center open — including supporting a future resident teacher. 

In the tradition of the Enlightened Being, Shakyamuni Buddha, Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre joyfully offers these teachings to you with the wish that they become the cause of happiness for you and all other living beings. We invite you to join us in the practice of generosity by becoming a member or making a donation to the centre.

Although we accept donations at all our events and programs, these donations do not cover our operating expenses, so by becoming a member of Gendun Drubpa you help support our programs in a significant way!

Membership Levels

includes: library membership

includes: library membership
1 year Mandala magazine subscription
Tax receipt for any amount above basic membership ($40)

includes: library membership
1 year Mandala magazine subscription
Donation receipt for any amount above basic membership ($40)


Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and allow us to offer more to our Buddhist community and the community at large. 

To  become a member of Gendun Drubpa, you can download and fill in the form below  and mail to  or drop off at Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre 

G D Membership Form 2020


use the contact form below to renew

Please use the “Donate” button to make your membership donation, and note on the Paypal form that this payment is for membership.

If you would like to pay by cheque, please make your cheque out to Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre and mail or drop it off at 212 Third Avenue South, William Lake, BC  V2G 1J4.