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Your study group is a nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of our students and benefactors to continue to continue to exist.

TI1e Buddha and his monks and nuns traveled all over India 2500 years ago offering to teach anyone who requested, without charge. These teachings have the potential to completely change our lives. Their purpose is to end all suffering for all beings for all time. How do we put a dollar amount on the value of that?

The teachings of the Buddha are priceless, but they are not costless. We will still incur expenses along the way and your support is in valuable to our future success. In the tradition of the Enlightened Being, Shakyamuni Buddha, Gendun Drubpa Study Group joyfully offers any teachings to you with the wish that they become the cause of happiness for you and all other living beings. We invite you to join us in the practice of generosity by becoming a member or making a donation to the study group.

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