Enlightenment Stupa

Visit the Stupa

Please visit the Stupa for World Peace and Environmental Harmony at Spokin Lake

A stupa is a holy monument in the Buddhist tradition that contains many sacred objects such as statues, texts, and relics of highly realized masters. The shape of the stupa represents the fully enlightened qualities of the Buddha's mind. Each aspect of a stupa symbolically reveals how one's mind can be purified and developed, finally reaching full enlightenment.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Stupa, which is located on private property at Spokin Lake.

Gendun Drubpa Stupa visit Kshitsigarbha - Jul 6th, 2023


Directions to 3774 Spokin Lake Road from Hwy 97

  • Turn onto Horsefly/Likely Rd at 150 Mile House
  • Keep right at Horsefly/Likely junction, travel toward Horsefly
  • Travel 11.8 km, turn right onto Spokin Lk Rd (just past firetruck sign)
  • Travel 7km to end of pavement
  • On gravel road, turn right into 2nd driveway, 3774 Spokin Lk Rd
  • The Stupa is located on private property
  • Contact us if you’d like further information gendundrubpa@shaw.ca