Your generosity has helped us meet our goal!

We have raised $4,120 for our needs in 2021!


Dec 1, 2020

Dear Friends,    Wow… what a year it has been.  

It feels like this year has been 10 years long but it’s only been 8 months since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and we had to close our doors.  March 15th seems like yesterday in some ways but also feels like a long time ago. 
So much has happened….
    We had to cancel Geshe Sherab’s visit with us when the border was closed between us and our closest neighbour with none of us really sure if we would see it reopen anytime soon. 
    Our Interfaith Book club was put on hold after it’s second meeting.  It was a sad day when we had to let our 20 club members know that we would not be able to meet again in person BUT we are looking forward to the day when we can gather in St. Peter’s church again and share our thoughts about the book – God is Not One.  We are postponing… not cancelling! 
    Our Meditation For Everyone classes had to be postponed too!  It was hard to say goodbye to sitting together in meditation, learning about how our minds work.  Hopefully by this time next year, we will be able to sit together again.
    As you can tell, we have had to put most of our plans for 2020 on hold because of the virus.  Our management team is working on finding new ways to “be” in the age of covid and are taking baby steps forward.
    In April, Gendun Drubpa Centre’s management team purchased a Zoom platform licence and has been meeting every month to keep up with centre maintenance and working on ways to help our community stay connected. We are working to help promote the dharma in it’s new online incarnation. 
    With all these new online dharma choices, we decided that it would be a good idea to send out a monthly Dharma Suggestions email to help our community choose from the amazing cascade of dharma that is now available.   A silver lining for sure!
    We have just started a Dharma book club reading the amazing book by Thupten Jinpa, A Fearless Heart.  We have 13 members in our little group including a couple of International members!
    It has been like learning to fly a plane as it soars upward to the skies but we are confident that we will level out and settle into our “new reality” very soon.  
    We’ve taken some of this down time to update and clean up our website.  It is functional but very old.  We are hoping to have a new updated version online early in 2021 that will help us with our new online presence and be very user friendly for our community. This is one of the main goals in our year end fundraiser. 
    Our landlady had the old crumbling sidewalk removed and replaced with a brand new one that will not be a tripping hazard and we have done some minor maintenance in the centre and around the grounds. 
    Our stupa for World Peace and Environmental Harmony had new flag poles and bright new flags strung last fall carrying  many blessings on the wind to all sentient beings.  Next summer, we hope to have some cracks in the plaster repaired and sealed.  We are researching now all the many techniques that are available for these repairs.  By fall 2021, we hope to have it looking as good as new!
    Gendun Drubpa Centre has extended an invitation to Geshe Sherab to visit us via Zoom in 2021 and he has graciously agreed!   He will be “with us” from February 24- March 3,2021 and we are hoping we will have all the online gremlins tamed by then and be able to share Geshe-la’s amazing teachings with all of you so save the date!  Hopefully, we will all be able to join in from the comfort of our own homes. 

So, as you can tell, we are still here and not planning to go anywhere!
Through these uncertain times, it remains so important to Gendun Drubpa Centre to have your support.  Not just financially but knowing you value what we do means that we are serving you and the dharma as best we can.
    Last year we shared with you what GDBC meant to Hana, Dora and Mark and this year Dianne writes to share with us what she has found here.
“What does Gendun Drubpa mean to me?
I needed a place to build steadiness of mind. No matter what circumstances cross my path this is a powerful tool for dealing with any life issues.
Through the activities of Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre I discovered a worldview in tandem with one of my highest values. All beings are worthy. As I learn to open my heart and deepen compassion, I gain courage to face the craziness of our world.
The meditations and teachings have woven a golden thread through the fabric of my life. I can wrap this cloak of protection around me, or even more satisfying, offer it to all I meet on a daily basis.”

Hopefully, you can identify with some of what Dianne has found at Gendun Drubpa; a spiritual home where an open heart, compassion and courage can grow and help others flourish.  
    Because of your support and a strong team of volunteers we can study together, share the teachings with each other and learn first-hand from some of the best dharma teachers in the world – in our own community, online and hopefully, again soon in person.

We thank you so very much for your generous support so far.
We’d  like to continue to build this incredible dharma community, to offer the wider community in the Cariboo (and our virtual friends as well!) a path out of suffering and toward greater happiness.   
We believe that everyone benefits from having strong community: more happiness, compassion & equanimity in their lives. 

Because we have no outside source of funding, we need your help to do this! 
Last year your incredible generosity helped us raise over $4,000 towards the centre’s needs.  
Because we are very aware that these are difficult times for everyone, we are hoping to meet or beat the amazing generosity you showed us last year with the same goal of $4,000 to enable us to rebuild and update our website, pay our bills and provide the dharma to you in all the forms that might take.   
We continue to offer all of our classes, retreats and events on a donation basis making it easier for everyone to participate and we are REALLY pleased to continue to do that. 

Can you make a year-end gift to CONTINUE to keep the dharma alive in the Cariboo at a cost affordable to all?

Your generous donation can help Gendun Drubpa Centre thrive in 2021!

 BEST – monthly donation –12 monthly donations in whatever amount you can afford. This option allows us to be able to plan with greater certainty for future events and seminars. 

GREAT – a one-time donation – 
If you are not able to commit to a monthly amount, why not make a one-time gift to Gendun Drubpa? 

Please check out our “Wish List” for other ways to contribute. We are especially looking for a sponsor for our phone bill.  
Your donation of any size will contribute  to providing a home for the Buddhist Community in the Cariboo.  

We know that you have many opportunities to give and we truly appreciate your considering Gendun Drubpa Centre as one of your many options.