Gendun Drubpa Buddhist Centre Truly Appreciates Your Help and Support.

We are sometimes asked about our needs here at the centre. So, we thought we would give our members and supporters the opportunity to create positive karma through their generosity to the centre and the dharma by creating this “wish list”.

Please take a moment to see how you can help.

URGENTLY NEEDED: Volunteer to mow the grass at the Stupa once per month for August and September.


Volunteers Needed:

– Hosts for events at the centre – often as little as one hour per week.

– Volunteer needed to mow grass around our Stupa at Spokin Lake

Contact Tammy Keetch to find out about how you can help.
Email: tkeetch at telus.net


*Thank you so much to CHRISTINA CHASTON for the beautiful bedding plants!

– New or near new 50 ft garden hoses,

– Environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and dish soap such as “Green Works”

Or Call Colleen at 778-412-7780 to discuss any donations you may like to offer.