Interfaith Book Club- Fall 2019

Please join us as we explore our next selection during our Interfaith Book Club.

Our small interfaith group has been holding an interfaith book club for a couple years now and we are starting to prepare for our next “chapter” to start in the fall of 2019.

We have had members from the Catholic church, the Anglican church, the Bahia’ faith, the Buddhist centre and have also had members of the Muslim community join us.

We find it enriching and supportive to have as many faith communities take part as we can.

We over the past 2+ years, we have read

The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama,

The Book of Forgiveness by Desmond Tutu

12 Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong.

This fall we plan to have an interfaith group come together over

The Gifts of the Jews,- How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed The Way Everyone Thinks and Feels

by Thomas Cahill

“The Gifts of the Jews reveals the critical change that made western civilization possible. Within the matrix of ancient religions and philosophies, life was seen as part of an endless cycle of birth and death; time was like a wheel, spinning ceaselessly. Yet somehow, the ancient Jews began to see time differently. For them, time had a beginning and an end; it was a narrative, whose triumphant conclusion would come in the future. From this insight came a new conception of men and women as individuals with unique destinies–a conception that would inform the Declaration of Independence–and our hopeful belief in progress and the sense that tomorrow can be better than today. As Thomas Cahill narrates this momentous shift, he also explains the real significance of such Biblical figures as Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the Pharaoh, Joshua, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.

Full of compelling stories, insights and humor, “The Gifts of the Jews is an irresistible exploration of history as fascinating and fun as “How the Irish Saved Civilization”

Please check back for updates as to time and place!