Visiting Teachers & Weekend Seminars

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2018 as we build toward a bright future for Gendun Drubpa!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sept. 25th – Oct. 2nd, 2017

Elaine Jackson

Visits Gendun Drubpa Centre


A solid spiritual practice needs to be built on good foundations. Eventually we learn that it takes a steady, patient application of effort and attention. When you’ve got the long-term future in mind, solid foundations are the only way.

Elaine Jackson is one of the founding members of the Vajrapani Institute community (where Ven Tenzin Chogkyi is currently located). Elaine has been a student student of Tibetan Buddhism since 1977. Over time she came to celebrate the fact that peaceful oases exist in our world where the spiritual values of simplicity and working to develop a good heart are put first. The deep healing that such places can facilitate and nurture has possibly never been more needed than now. Every year for 12 years she engaged in a month-long solitary retreat to deepen her practice. She has also completed a three-year retreat.

Schedule for Elaine’s Visit

Sept. 28th Thursday evening talk, “Why Buddhism?” 7:00pmWilliams Lake Library 

Elaine will talk about Lama Yeshe’s life with stories and show some wonderful photos.

Offered by donation

Friday evening / Saturday Retreat, Sept. 29th and 30th  
Introduction to
Healing Meditation and Finding our Inner Teacher

6:00 – 9:00pm –  Gendun Drubpa Centre

Elaine will guide us through breath awareness and guru yoga for inner and outer peace.

The meditations build on one another, so full registration for Friday evening and Saturday is strongly reccomended.


Suggested Retreat fee (tea, snacks and Saturday lunch included):  $110.00
Please bring a donation for our food bank. St_vincent_de_paul

Saturday All Day, Sept. 30th

A relaxed and spacious retreat day. We will continue practices from the evening before.

9:00am – 4:00pm –  Spokin Lake Cabin beside the Gendun Drubpa Enlightenment Stupa (to help heal the surrounding land, people, animals and insects affected by the wildfires)    If you feel that YOU need some healing as well, this is a great opportunity to give yourself the gift of calm and centered healing.

Carpool will be available from Williams Lake.

Please register me for Elaine Jackson’s Weekend Seminar

Sunday, Oct. 1st

Sunday Morning Drop-in begins!

10am – noon –  Gendun Drubpa Centre

In Buddhism we often listen to, study or read many teachings. Ordinary life  can also bring us many lessons.
How do we move those teachings from our heads to our hearts and use them in our daily lives?
Join us as we use discussion and meditation to move the personal advice from the Buddha  from our heads to our hearts.

Offered by donation


Please bring a donation for our food bank. St_vincent_de_paul