Stupa Kora Path

July 4th, 2018

Here are some pictures from the work done towards creation of a Kora Path for the GDBC stupa at Spokin Lake.
Many thanks to Dick Whitman as Project Coodinator for his skill in conceptualizing and overseeing this process and to our dedicated volunteers Catherine Whitman & Sylvia and Don Doherty for all their hard work.
Special appreciation to Paul Couturier for his willingness to operate the excavator and his expertise in doing so.

July 5th, 2018

Another update to let you know that the paving stones for the kora pathway have  all been laid!

 Dick Whitman, Sylvia Doherty and  Catherine Whitman worked together and completed this (exciting) part of the process late on the afternoon of July 5th.
Pictures show the 1st and last paving stones laid- as well of course, as some of the stones in the middle. We were all very happy that the stones fit together perfectly and the circle was complete!
We have Dick Whitman to thank for this as the mathematical calculations to bring this about were surprisingly complicated.
‘PeeWee’ and ‘Jasper’ also took part as our friendly canine companions and observers.
The last phase of this process involves shovelling top soil into the center and placing sod on top – and plenty of water – as well as adding some white gravel behind the boards protecting the stupa.

July 7th

Gehard Klein, Nihal Wijesekera and Dick Whitman shovel topsoil, arrange/replace the sod around the stupa and give the sod a good watering.

and we are done!